Amy Lavender Harris

Amy Lavender Harris teaches in the Department of Geography at York University, where her work focuses on urban identity and the cultural significance of place. She is the author of Imagining Toronto (Mansfield Press, 2010), which was shortlisted for the Gabrielle Roy Prize in Canadian literary criticism and won the Award of Merit, the highest honour given to a book at the 2011 Heritage Toronto Award.

Welcome to Public Space (GEOG 4900), Summer 2012 Edition!

Welcome to GEOG 4900 (Public Space), offered during the Summer 2012 term in the Geography Department at York University! 

Important updates, overviews, announcements, handouts and slides will be posted to this website before each class: please check the space regularly. Click here to view the syllabus and reading list; click here to view slides, handouts and links organized by week

This week we’ll begin with a short overview of some ways of thinking about public space. We’ll also view a well-known film about public space: William H. Whyte’s The Social Life of Small Urban Places (1988). 

Slides for today’s class are accessible here: GEOG 4900 Public Space Summer 2012 Class 1 lecture slides Introduction and Overview

If you have any questions or would otherwise like to get in touch, you can contact me at alharris [at] yorku [dot] ca. 


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